A True "Multisensor"

Werth Messtechnik GmbH has once again blazed the trail and developed a true "multisensor." An image processing sensor and a laser distance sensor are integrated in a single measurement head. It utilizes the standard Werth magnetic interface can also be used with the 3D fiber probe or the Werth Contour Probe, for example. The classical TP200 and SP25 mechanical probes and the WFP/S fiber probe have been newly integrated into the interface concept. The Werth Zoom can also be combined with all of these additional sensors.

Measurements using various sensor principles in the same measuring program can now be performed not just on the same machine, but at the same sensor position. This means that the entire measurement range of the machine is available for combined measurements using all sensors, so that smaller measuring machines can be used. The risk of collision is reduced because no other measurement heads are involved. Even large objects can be measured without any collision issues. The various sensors can be changed out precisely and fully automatically using parking stations.

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Un vrai "Multisensor"

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